Hey guys! I realize it's been a while since I've been on, so I'm gonna do a Get-To-Know-Me blog!

Name: Sami (I think you should know that by now)

Age: 13 (14 next month)

Where I'm From: Northwest Indiana

Birthday: October 24th

Fav. Color: teal or aqua

Fav. Food: Pizza (yummy)

Fav. Drink: Diet Pepsi (I know I'm weird)

Fav. Kind of music: Pop/Rock

Fav. Sport(s): Bowling (for sure), basketball, volleyball

Fav. Kind of print: ZEBRA PRINT

Fav. Flower: Rose (so pretty)

Fav. Movie: Paranormal Activity 4

Fav. Song: All of Me by John Legend

Fav. Thing To Wear to School: Black Pencil Skirt :)

Fav. Thing to Wear at Home: sweatshirts and sweatpants

Fav. Thing To Do: Go Bowling (duh)

Fav. Video Game: Frogger (it's so frustrating but yet I like it)

Fav. Shape: Infinity Sign (because some infinities are bigger than other infinities) ;)

Fav. time of the Day: Afternoon

Fav. Season: Fall (sweater weather)

Fav. Holiday: Christmas (who doesn't like Christmas?)

Fav. Way to Wear my Hair: Side Braid or Ponytail and Headband (I like things easy)

Fav. Thing to do When I'm Bored: Put My Music on Low and Do Rainbow Loom or Paint my Nails (never gets old either)

Fav. Subject in School: Math

Relationship status: Single (like that should matter..)

# Of Friends: 13 (that I am close with) (they all mean the world to me!)

Hopefully you know me well now, and I'll try to update weekly now that my schedule is back on track! And yes the picture at the top of the post is me, in case you're wondering.

Keep it Real!



Wow Guys! Thank you soooo SOOO much for 1000 views! I am very surprised that I got this many already in only 3 MONTHS!! You guys are so amazing and every time someone reads my blog or just goes on my website it means so much to me, you just have no idea because most of you haven't met me in person before!! I love all your guys like my sisters!<3

Reward? Comment what you would like me to post or add to the site!

Keep it Real!



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