Sorry I waited til really later tonight to post, but I was working on homework...which lead to me to the idea of my blog post for today! How convenient right!?

So today I'm talking about letting stuff get you totally stressed out. I ALWAYS get stressed from homework (which I am working on right now) because it takes me so long to do it. What I like to do is reward my self with things a like. For example: earlier I was typing up an outline for social studies and I rewarded my self with a handful of goldfish or every 3 sentences I typed. I really helps motivate yourself to do your stuff faster and more efficiently. If you'd rather so something else, if you have like a every-subject TOTAL OVERLOAD type day, try doing one assignment then taking a 15-30 minute break. It gives you some time to cool down and reboot for your next assignment. Or if you have your own way of dealing with stress, tell me in comments! I' love to hear them because I'm ALWAYS stressed. Just be sure that you don't go into electronics during your breaks because I recently realized that is just makes me get glued to it. So try to stay relaxed today and keep it cool

AND keep it real!



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