Sometimes, I realize that kids wear the same thing everybody else does.
The only thing I worry about, is that kids are trying to fit in with their peers. I mean, I do things like realize what's cool to wear right now and buy something similar, but I'm talking about once you wear something and then the style moves to one person, then to another, and so on. You probably don't realize it, but you've probably have had a fashion impact on someone in your life. For example: at my school, a HUGE thing right now is scarfs with white tops. I think they are totally adorable, but my mom won't let me wear them because she is too afraid of me fitting in with people that I don't consider my friends. I didn't realize until about 30 seconds ago that I was the one making the fashion statement because I held onto my style which is my favorite jeans and my graphic tees. This was just a story from my life but if you'd like to share your fashion impact story with me, post it in the comments! I'll right you back personally! But anyways, I know fitting in can be hard at times [I'm 13, I know what you guys feel like!], but don't back away from your true style you love! Trust me here, if u stick with your style, you WILL have a fashion impact in someone in your life.

Keep it Real!
Sami <3
PS: Don't forget to post your impact story!! :]


12/06/2013 8:06pm

Yah , thats really big at my school but its not just white tops its all kinds of tops !! haha i feel your pain :)


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