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Keep it Real!



Hey guys! Weekly update time!

Short and sweet today, so I hope you guys have a great winter break and got everything you wanted for Christmas today. Make sure you say thank you to the people that gave you your presents!

Keep it (Casually) Real!

-Sami <3


Recently, I had to write a essay for health class about self-esteem. Do you know how hard it is to do that paper when you have a low self-esteem!? Since I thought of this for my topic for this week, I thought I would give you guys a list of 10 ways to improve your self-esteem.

1. Accept that you are you and be happy that nobody else in this whole world is like you.

2. ALWAYS think positive!

3. Bring out the artist inside of you whether that means keep doing what you love most or find a passion like play an instrument, join choir, art club, even just TRYING OUT for something gives you some confidence!

4. Exercise daily and don't let the media let you think bad about your body or figure!

5. Set goals everyday and try to achieve them, and when you do, reward yourself! (PS: don't use candy or chocolate as your reward, go for something like a hot shower to make your body feel better after sports practice!)

6. Be honest with everyone! Knowing that you told the truth to someone will make you feel good about yourself.

7. Don't compare yourself to others! That will just make things worse for you, so try to look on the positive side (#2) so you don't look at yourself in a bad way!

8. Write a list of all you've accomplished in life! It will feel like you've done great things in your life (and you'll add on as you get older!)

9. Have a great outlook on your future! Telling yourself you are going to college and planning for it will get you happy!

10. Just smile whenever possible! It's always a great thing to just look at a test you got a good grade on and just smile and be happy about it!

Hope you found this a good source for your personal needs.

Keep It Real!

Sami <3

Sorry I waited til really later tonight to post, but I was working on homework...which lead to me to the idea of my blog post for today! How convenient right!?

So today I'm talking about letting stuff get you totally stressed out. I ALWAYS get stressed from homework (which I am working on right now) because it takes me so long to do it. What I like to do is reward my self with things a like. For example: earlier I was typing up an outline for social studies and I rewarded my self with a handful of goldfish or every 3 sentences I typed. I really helps motivate yourself to do your stuff faster and more efficiently. If you'd rather so something else, if you have like a every-subject TOTAL OVERLOAD type day, try doing one assignment then taking a 15-30 minute break. It gives you some time to cool down and reboot for your next assignment. Or if you have your own way of dealing with stress, tell me in comments! I' love to hear them because I'm ALWAYS stressed. Just be sure that you don't go into electronics during your breaks because I recently realized that is just makes me get glued to it. So try to stay relaxed today and keep it cool

AND keep it real!

Sometimes, I realize that kids wear the same thing everybody else does.
The only thing I worry about, is that kids are trying to fit in with their peers. I mean, I do things like realize what's cool to wear right now and buy something similar, but I'm talking about once you wear something and then the style moves to one person, then to another, and so on. You probably don't realize it, but you've probably have had a fashion impact on someone in your life. For example: at my school, a HUGE thing right now is scarfs with white tops. I think they are totally adorable, but my mom won't let me wear them because she is too afraid of me fitting in with people that I don't consider my friends. I didn't realize until about 30 seconds ago that I was the one making the fashion statement because I held onto my style which is my favorite jeans and my graphic tees. This was just a story from my life but if you'd like to share your fashion impact story with me, post it in the comments! I'll right you back personally! But anyways, I know fitting in can be hard at times [I'm 13, I know what you guys feel like!], but don't back away from your true style you love! Trust me here, if u stick with your style, you WILL have a fashion impact in someone in your life.

Keep it Real!
Sami <3
PS: Don't forget to post your impact story!! :]

Nail art




Nail art is one thing where you can let loose and do your own thing, be yourself, and have fun all at the same time! If you don't do nail art at the moment, you should try it. Just make sure you start with the least challenging things and eventually you will make your way up the ladder.

Keep it Real!

Sami <3


Even though these instant money makers are sold for about $200, NOTHING is stopping teens everywhere from buying UGGS! But what you don't know, is that you may be ripping yourself off by buying them!

Like I said, UGGS are sold for about $200 a pair but the only thing that is making the price so high is that label on the back! Seriously; you can go to your local shoe store and get a pair of boots that look just like then for about $30! If I were you, I would consider looking into reality because its not worth it if your just looking for the style of the boot in general!

Keep it Real!

Sami <3


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